1. That time I did a photo project

    01 Sep 2016
    Four years ago, I attempted something incredible I was going to do a picture a day for the entire year. And since it was a leap year, that meant 366 pictures. This was going to be fun. Dawn in Smyrna TN And it was. I was so excited to…

  2. Relax! A mantra on Children Portraiture

    04 Aug 2016
    Mother and son photography at longhunter state park Kids are fun. Good or bad, they are going to share their opinion. Sometimes, it’s so nice you have to laugh. Other times, it’s humbling. Most of the time, it’s funny and refreshing. Children sessions are one of my favorite sessions. The…

  3. “Hey Man, Nice Shot”

    27 Jul 2016
    I was at a concert with my Sony Cybershot.  We were on the floor, in the crowd, snapping away, listening to the music, and making friends with the people we were rubbing elbows with. A spectacular lightshow finished up with the ending notes of the song, and my new friend…

  4. Grandparents and Photographs

    21 Jul 2016
    Grandma and grandkids I’ve only ever known one grandparent: My father’s mother.  Every 3rd weekend of May, we would travel down to Alabama for Decoration Day. Over the course of three days, we would visit with family, play cards well into the night, and eat more home grown cooking than…

  5. Photographs: A Two Fold Item

    15 Jul 2016
    Imagine you are planning an anniversary party.  You find a baker who has AMAZING cakes. You ooh and aw over them, and your stomach grumbles. You check their price and, oh wow, they are right in your budget! You can work with that, for the quality you’ll be getting from…

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