1. Have Camera, Will Travel

    25 Jan 2018
    Last year I had set a goal for myself: Travel three times throughout the year. Since one teenage trip to Europe and a several family road trips to see other family members, I had not gone on vacation in years. Oh, I had occasional “kid free” weekends where I was…

  2. Tim and Pam

    26 Oct 2017
    Tim, a coworker of my husband, was getting married at Opryland Hotel. He wanted a photographer who knew the hotel and could find some good places for pictures. My awesome husband was all “Talk to my wife, she worked there for awhile, and she’s taken pictures there before.” Groom Getting…

  3. Johanna+Mark

    12 Oct 2017
    I’ve known Johanna for a very long time. Growing up, we got to share invented worlds, shared novels and shows, and helped each other deal with the pain of school. So when I found out she was getting married, I was beyond excited for her. Due to distance, I’d never…

  4. Melissa and Allie

    09 Feb 2017
    “Hey! So how do you feel about doing some more pictures for me?” Last November, I read those words and got super excited. See, a few years ago I had done some pictures for Mel and her puppies, a beautiful grayhound Frisky and the well-mannered and quiet Oakley, a sheltie.…

  5. Small Business Shout Out!

    02 Nov 2016
    I truly love this area.  That’s the reason I started Living Local and “Small Business Shout Out”, a monthly way of supporting other small businesses and entrepreneurs who make a difference in this community.   Today, I’d like to focus your attention on a 2 time winner of the Ruthies, which…

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