1. The Legacy of Printed Photographs

    Date 19 Apr 2018
    I am a very sentimental creature. I’ve heard my generation referred to as “The Kids of Nostalgia”, and I happen to really love that description. Since I’ve been alive, there has been a rapid evolution of technology. I started watching “The Last Unicorn” and “The Lion King” on VHS, then…

  2. SBS: Carpe Cafe

    Date 29 Mar 2018
    As a small business owner, something I love doing is supporting other small businesses. That’s why I started Sollie Studio’s Small Business Shout Out, where I highlight local businesses that are doing amazing things in our community This month, I want to draw your attention to Carpe Cafe. Located at 115…

  3. Photography Sessions and Children

    Date 22 Mar 2018
    I’ve mentioned before some thoughts on children photography, but I wanted to go a bit more in depth on it this week Children portraiture is amazing. Kids are so honest, and most are happy to get the spotlight….at least after their initial camera shyness. Child Portrait in Murfreesboro, TN So…

  4. Location Highlight: Opryland Hotel

    Date 10 Mar 2018
    A professor in one of my college classes gave us an ongoing assignment. Each week, we were to go location scouting, that is, go find places that would be great spots to hold photography sessions.  To date, that was one of the best things that teacher taught his class. And…

  5. The Possibilities of Prints!

    Date 01 Mar 2018
    I have talked in the past about the importance of photography, or what it means to me personally, but today I want to discuss what comes after the photoshoot As a teen, my room was an expression of myself. I had posters on the walls, and taped photographs to my…

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