A Grave Photograph

Oh, hello there. Welcome. Come in, come in, it’s a bit nippy outside, why don’t you warm yourself here.

Hm? Why am I looking over your shoulder? No reason–More cocoa? There you go. Good, isn’t it? Family recipe. Why my great-great-great gran—-Did you hear that? Don’t worry, I did too. 

Don’t be so jumpy. We’re inside, it can’t get us. Yes, it. You know the story as well as I do. No? Okay then, I guess I can fill you in. But you have to stay calm, okay? Need anything, before we get started? Another cuppa?

This place wasn’t always a park, you know. I don’t know why they chose to build that here but you know how them government folk are—no common sense and no way of listening to those who possess it. This place used to belong to the dead–to those poor souls who rested in peace. Why, this here inn used to be the last place they saw before that dirt became their blanket.

Sit down, sit down, don’t freak out! I already told ya, we’re safe here. You’re white as a sheet, poor thing. Do you want me to stop? 

No? Okay then. Well, so some souls die peacefully, in their sleep or surrounded by love and comfort, but others ain’t so lucky. There once was a boy…

It’s the usual sad story. Died during a time when the world wasn’t that nice, had no one to miss him. But he missed living. He was so sad that he couldn’t find his way of moving on, and lingered. Lingering ain’t good for anyone, no-sir-ree, but it’s especially dangerous for a spirit.

There are those who prey on the living, but they don’t stand up to that which prey on the dead…

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. This boy–pardon? Nope, don’t know his name. I don’t even know that he had a proper grave, poor thing. This boy lingers, and things whisper to him. They whisper sweet nothings, a promise of returning to that which he could no longer have, a way of gaining back what he loss. The boy may have lost many things, but that trust in the bad things that got him into this situation in the first place? Oh, that was still alive and well. So he found where the veil was thinnest, and without hesitating, he reached for it.

Little did he know, he had been tricked. Something malicious awaited, something that would not help him–something that would take even more from him instead.

And oh, it took all he had left and more–Until the boy was just a shell. And the evil lived through him, causing mayhem and misery and mischief where it willed.

…..Those were dark days. Dark days indeed.

Lost your appetite, didja? I don’t blame ya. This is pretty tough to swallow. You know, most people would be scoffing at me, you know? But you’ve been outside tonight. You probably are thinking that this explains a lot, hm? Yes, I’ve been there. 

Take heart. The dark days didn’t last forever. Eventually, there came one who wanted to help. 

Horrified by what she saw, she tried to reason with the entity, to appeal to any humanity left unbroken by spite. But no matter her pleas, he laughed, a bonechilling sound, and ignored her in favor of his own cruel agenda.

Her sorrow turned to anger, and she vowed to stop him. Using all her strength, she fought against him.

….We don’t talk about that here. It was just…sorry. I can’t…

It lasted for a very long time—–too long of a time until they were both exhausted. 

Desperately, she tried once more to reach the lost, lonely soul within—

And succeeded! The entity was banished, and the boy finally knew peace.

With all well, she knew it was her time to move on–less she give into tragedy.

There. I hope you feel a little more at ease now. The wind’s whipping around and around. That entity may wish we wander towards its resting place, but oh no. Not here, not now. It’s a good thing you came in here, get yourself warmed up…now that you’ve got some color in your cheeks, you sure do look mighty familiar…

Happy Halloween from Sollie Studios!

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