1. A Grave Photograph

    Date 30 Oct 2018
    Oh, hello there. Welcome. Come in, come in, it’s a bit nippy outside, why don’t you warm yourself here Hm? Why am I looking over your shoulder? No reason–More cocoa? There you go. Good, isn’t it? Family recipe. Why my great-great-great gran—-Did you hear that? Don’t worry, I did too. …

  2. A Fairy Tale Branding

    Date 11 Oct 2018
    Some of you may, if you’ve been following me for awhile, will recognize me talk about Avon Van Hassel, my amazingly awesome author friend. This year, she finalized the publishing of the first book in her series, Magic Beans, a revision of fairy tales as told partly from the point of…

  3. SBS: D&Co Markets

    Date 06 Sep 2018
    It’s time for another Small Business Shout Out!  If you are new here, a SBS is where Sollie Studios highlights one local business that is doing something unique, impactful, fun, or otherwise adds to the community. Today, let me introduce you to Elizabeth Deslatte and her company, D&Co Markets.  Elizabeth…

  4. What Camera is Best for Concerts?

    Date 16 Aug 2018
    Ah, concerts. I’m a huge concert goer, I love the energy and the enthusiasm from both the audience and the performer.  One question I’ve been seeing a lot of lately is “What camera is best for concerts?”. As always, it’s way more important to know the basics of photography and…

  5. Rachel’s Maternity Portraits

    Date 25 May 2018
    Rachel is one of the best people I know So when she found out she was expecting, and asked me to take her maternity pictures, I was thrilled. We had discussed locations, and while we talked about some with water, ultimately we used my backyard, because well, it’s so very,…

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