What's Your Payment Policy?

For weddings and event photography, the non-refundable retainer is 50% of the total cost. The total amount must be paid 7 days prior to the wedding. For portraiture sessions, the session fee ($500) must be paid prior to the session.

You may choose to pay all upfront or in installments as long as it is paid prior to the session.

What do you mean by "Booked"?

Once you are booked, it means that I have you on my calendar for the day and duration that has been agreed on. In order to be considered booked, we must have a signed contract and the $500 portrait session fee or 50% (event/wedding) non refundable retainer has been paid.

If we are booked, then you are guaranteed a session at that time and date unless you cancel or reschedule.

Do you have any extra charges?

I hate when I budget for something and then hidden fees come out of the woodwork! I definitely do not want to do that to anyone ever. I have made every effort to be upfront about pricing and list it throughout the website where it's applicable. 

However, there are some charges that may be applicable in certain cases, and these are:

  • Travel Charge: Any location that is more than 50 miles from me will incure a $.50 charge per mile.
  • Sales Tax: Any prints or products you purchase from me must legally be taxed per TN tax codes. 
  • Retouching Charge: We do minimal photoshop, and certain requests may incur extra charges to accommodate.
  • Excessive Rescheduling: You may reschedule the session twice before being required to pay an additional deposit.
  • Check Charge: If a check does not clear the bank, there will be a $40 additional charge to cover the bank fees.

What Can I Expect When I Book?

The process varies from client to client, but usually you'll contact me, mostly through email, and give a rough overview of what you want and when you need it by. 

Then, we'll arrange a  complementary in person consultation to make sure we are understanding each other and no detail gives overlooked. Often, we'll sign the contract and book at this time, but there's no pressure to book at this time. I understand the need to think things over.

After we book, feel free to contact me as needed. I will touch base and confirm everything a week prior, and again the day before the shoot. 

The day of the shoot, we will meet and have a blast! 

Afterwards, it will take 2-3 weeks for a portrait session and 4-6 weeks for an event or wedding session until the images are done. I will usually touch base in a week or two to follow up and give you an estimated date of completion. 

After the images are done, we will meet for your gallery reveal and ordering session. We will go through all the images and you will place your order at this time. 

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If we have a signed contract and my services are no longer required, you will be refunded all money minus the non refundable retainer that was required to book. All cancellations must be in writing.

Only the person who paid will be refunded. Anyone other than the client who signed the payments will not be able to get a refund. 

*For wedding and events, if the cancellation occurs less than a week prior, any payments made to Sollie Studios will be forfeit. For portraiture, if the cancellation is less than 24 hours before session time, any payments made will be forfeit. 

What If I Need to Reschedule?

If you are booked, then you may reschedule up to two times with no additional charges. After the second rescheduling, each additional change requires extra 25% non refundable retainer.

Note: If we are booked and you reschedule, I will do my absolute best to accommodate it, but if the changed time creates conflict with a previously scheduled client, the client who was scheduled for that time period has priority and I will treat your session as a cancellation.

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