SBS: Tusker Marketing

Sometime ago, I realized how beautiful community is. As someone who was shy, as well as had so many responsibilities that kept me on either “on the go” or “stay at home”, it was incredibly isolating at times. 

But this area is so amazing. Wherever you spend your time, Rutherford County (And Middle Tennessee, let’s be honest) has some unique and awesome local businesses. And the whole point of Sollie Studio’s “Small Business Shout Out” is to highlight small businesses who are making our community better.

On that note, meet Steve Butler.

Steve owns Tusker Marketing. Formed in July 2017, the business focuses on all sorts of backend solutions for other business, such as PPC, Facebook advertising, SEO, social media marketing, and most importantly, brand reputation management.

Born in Tampa, Steve moved to Tennessee in 2007. Prior to starting his business, he worked with elephants, which is what inspired his business name and logo. He believes that by developing friendships with his clients, he is better able to craft a plan that fits their needs, and in turn that plan will assist them in achieving their business goals, whether that’s streamlining their workflows or converting leads into clients. 

However, his real specialty is brand management. What’s that, you may ask? Oh, just making sure you get the credit you deserve for providing your best for the customer. Steve is offering a free analysis for business owners, so just email him at for yours!

I met Steve through a networking group, and one of my first impressions, was that his mind is constantly problem solving. That impression has since only become a fact, because every single interaction with other people I’ve seen, he is very eager to find solutions for the person, and the other person will usually say “Huh, yeah, that’s a good idea!” or “I’ve not thought of that before!” He definitely knows what he’s talking about, but more importantly, he’s able to break it down and explain those solutions in a way that is understandable. 

Despite his very interesting careers throughout his life, when asked what he is most proud of, he answered, “Watching my daughter grow.”

You can view his website at: and email Steve at He’s also on facebook at: /tuskermarketingseo

What is Photography

What is Photography? 

According to Wikipedia, ”Photography is the science, art and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.”

I find that to be a pretty good definition. Bit dry, if you’re not one who is super technical minded.

 However, it doesn’t encompass all that photography is.

Photography is seeing yourself how others see you, it’s finding the beauty in your smile, the laugh as you look at snapshots from three, five, ten years ago, it’s sitting down at Grandma’s table every Thanksgiving and browsing through *that* shoebox, flicking through some, lingering on others, but always careful to not create smudgemarks.

It’s contemplating the world around you, analyzing details that others (or you!) might have otherwise missed, from the tiny glistening petals to the gorgeous light as it hits just right, catching your breath as you share the emotions with others as you share them with albums.

  “Photography is a love affair with life”, as Burk Uzzle says. And that’s true. It’s finding beauty in others, and showing your perspective on the world around you. It’s finding the light, finding the shadows, and finding the balance to see despite that. 

We’ve all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And that’s not wrong. It’s just not the whole saying.

A photograph contains a thousand emotions, a thousand memories, a thousand thoughts.

It’s a story in one gorgeous, timeless moment.

That’s what photography means to me.

What does it mean to you?

Kathleen Headshots

When I was younger, I wanted to do it all. I wanted to be a teacher, an author, a jockey, an actress, a writer, a poet, a veterinarian…you get the idea. 

I grew too tall for the jockey dream, and too squeamish for the vet career, but I’m still working on some of those jobs. Even picking a major in college was completely difficult for me. 

The theatre world is magical to me. It’s a group of people who have to become close knit in order to make a production happen, and every night is a delicate chaos unfolding minute by minute, as a stage manager herds cats and people scramble through tiny hallways trying to get to their mark while changing costumes and making it appear 3 years have passed instead of 30 seconds only to be able to recite their lines with no hint of their hectic dash….

Let’s just say I have so much respect and love for my actors.

So when Kathleen approached me about headshots, I was thrilled. Kathleen had just started back up acting when I met her, in a role at Murfreesboro Little Theatre’s production of Hedda Gabler. We met at Barne’s and Noble for coffee and hot chocolate, and instantly hit it off. 

The session took place in my backyard, because why waste a perfect location? She had also mentioned wanting some images for her own business, so I made sure to get a variety of shots she could use. 

These are not all in the traditional headshot format, but Kathleen and I both wanted to take advantage of the beautiful light and surroundings. They work perfectly for branding though! 

I love headshot and branding photo sessions, because they really are a fun way to show personalities. Plus, you always get to meet some wonderful people.

Have Camera, Will Travel

Last year I had set a goal for myself: Travel three times throughout the year.

Since one teenage trip to Europe and a several family road trips to see other family members, I had not gone on vacation in years. Oh, I had occasional “kid free” weekends where I was about 40 minutes away, staying in a hotel for a convention or to see a play, but often times I was still working those weekends in some capacity. And when we went to see family, we stayed with or near them, and spent our days visiting, catching up, and looking through the photos that we saw only a few times a year.

So, I wanted a change. 2017 had started in one of the worst possible ways, and I had this need to fight back. And with the help of my husband, parents, and some amazing friends, I did. I actually met my goal.

And then I beat my goal. I traveled not three, but four times in 2017.

The first was in March. My husband and I flew from Nashville to Albuquerque to visit one of my soul sisters, Ana. We spent the day walking. Walking through downtown, where we took Ana’s sister’s recommendation and found the most delicious Mexican restaurant. Walking through the Albuquerque Zoo, which is quite the experience, and then the Aquarium and the Botanical Gardens. 

Everything was so open and interactive and wonderful. I had never been this far west before, so the lack of trees and rolling hills was refreshing. And oh, no humidity! I had heard about such a thing but never experienced it myself in my memory.

After we rested a bit, Ana, Stephen, and Ana’s brother Max drove to Sandia Peak. There was still snow, which was jarring to someone who had just adjusted to tank tops and shorts, but hey mountains, am I right? I was the one who had a foot go through the snow, but I was able to remind everyone that I was a graceful faller, a talent that I really should put on my resume at some point.

The next day, we woke up super early and loaded into the car and drove to the next location: Las Vegas. 

We would be staying at the Hard Rock. Our room wasn’t ready when we got there, and we think they forgot to call us when it was ready, but it was no big deal. When we got to the room it had a pool view and it was fun to people watch without actually having to mingle after a long day of driving. The next day we explored for awhile and found a huge, beautiful indoor mall with boats and a “rainstorm” show. Ana and I went to a concert that night (And even dressed similar because that’s just how we accidently roll)

All in all, it was a great way to start off the travel goals for the year. I ate at Denny’s more than I had known was possible (there is a reason it’s everywhere!) and found so much delicious food. I look forward to going back. 

Tim and Pam

Tim, a coworker of my husband, was getting married at Opryland Hotel. He wanted a photographer who knew the hotel and could find some good places for pictures. My awesome husband was all “Talk to my wife, she worked there for awhile, and she’s taken pictures there before.”

Tim and Pam planned a beautiful wedding. With the help of my amazing friend and second shooter Rachel, we documented their day. 

I didn’t get to meet Pam until the wedding day, but she and Tim are the sweetest couple. It was so great getting to work with them. They made my job so easy!

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