Let's get the basics out of the way, hmm?

I'm Briana Gosa, photographer, writer, wife, mother, and early bird wannabe. I was born in Texas but grew up in Tennessee. I've attended Middle Tennessee State University (with an interest in Creative Arts Therapy) and then the International Academy of Design and Technology, where I obtained my Associate's Degree in Photography(Honors) .  I began photography in 2010 as a band photographer. While I currently specialize in portrait and event photography, I am also available for commercial and product. I'm a registered member of Professional Photographers of America (The PPA).

Now, let me tell you about me.

I am a person who loves to laugh, who can find laughter everywhere in life. I like to see people happy, and I can tell two types of jokes: bad jokes and puns. I use every opportunity to make a musical or pop culture reference, and will mentally high five people who understand it. I drink creamer with just a hint of coffee.

I listen to almost every type of music depending on the mood, and I will always be sore about the ending of a certain TV show featuring a yellow umbrella.

I value photography as a lasting tangible memory, a way to get back the emotion and thoughts of a time or person we no longer have access to. I love showcasing people, places, and products in a way that is normally overlooked or unseen.

I founded Sollie Studios with the premise of creating beautiful art to reflect each of my client's individual needs and personality. Each session is crafted and carried out with enthusiasm and respect. That's a promise.

Still Curious?

Here's what I'm NOT.

  • I'm not into horror movies (they give me nightmares)
  • I'm not a singer (although my car knows how hard I try)
  • I'm not a sweet tea drinker (unpopular opinion, I know)
  • I am not a pickle eater (though cucumbers are great)

    Not a fan of
  • ordering coffee (the lingo eludes me!)
  • fake pockets (why? Just...Why?)
  • sour candy (I make weird faces)
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